Tuesday Comics: Drops in the Ocean

By Hwei Lim, here’s a story available entirely for free online, via their site here.


Lim’s comics have a gorgeous colour palette to them, and the artist clearly knows the best way to create stunning and beautiful moments of splash and grace. Originally printed in 2010, this was recoloured in 2013 – and boy, does that colouring steal your breath or what?



Drops in the Ocean is a Boris and LaLage tale, featuring the two characters as they investigate the sea, and the wonders beneath it. It’s cute, funny, and grandiose all at once, in sweeping movements. Lim’s art here, especially when handling the whales, is nothing short of breathtaking, here.

Monday Morning Music: Fun.

December sees all kinds of bands bringing out covers of better songs, mostly to their own detriment. You CAN’T do a better version of Christmas [Baby Please Come Home] and you simply shouldn’t try.

But Fun. are a band whose ridiculous throw-everything-in attitude meshes especially well with Christmas, which elevates their rendition of Sleigh Ride to something almost on a par with the original. It’s brash and over the top and very silly, really – perfect for a Christmas morning, then?